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I just found out that Dana Abercrombie died earlier this week from a supposed drug overdose...it still seems kinda unreal to me because i haven't really seen her since graduation nor were we really close friends...but i certainly never wished anything bad for her. It's just so crazy...when people close to my own age die it always throws me for a loop but this is even worse because she was actually in my graduating class...i guess it's a good reminder that life is fleeting, it's just a sucky way to remember that.

hello again...

for some reason i haven't really felt the need to post about my post-college life, probably because the only people who even bother to read my journal are the same people i talk to and already know what's going on with me...but, here's a quick re-cap. I graduated in June, spent the 4th in long beach, wa. with jenni, rachel and heather (had loads of fun)....visited steph and al's temporary home in hermiston....spent roughly a month with kristin, dustin and baby jackson on the road and in new orleans where even more fun was had.

Now i'm back at home. I'm running dangerously low on money, which isn't terrible when your parents offer you free housing and food, but it sucks when you want to do anything. I'm working on finally getting my license which i put off for years with sheer procrastination and inability to actually afford a car/related car expenses. Being the unofficial chauffeur for my mom during her recovery from shoulder surgery has helped in my driving practice...plus dave rides with me a lot. I'm feeling like the hugest loser because at 26 i have yet to obtain a license...and without one it's even harder to find gainful employment. *le sigh*

But regardless of all that i generally have a pretty good time here in ole scappoose. my parents are pretty badass compared to most, and i have big plans to further explore the crown-zellerbach trail with steph tomorrow so i'm pretty excited for that. there's probably more to update on but i'm actually really tired after a night of fretful sleep...so i think i should remedy that.

Mar. 26th, 2009

So lately SNL has been REALLY hit or miss and most saturdays i don't even end up watching it, but a while ago i somehow found out that Paul Rudd was hosting, and i love him, so i had to tune in. Beyonce was the musical guest that night and she was also in one of the skits...it was focused on her video for Single Ladies, a song which i never really liked all that much until i saw this skit, because now when i hear it (naturally, at old navy) i get to picture this...

HAHAHA! "yeah, dance biscuits!"


my friend liam turned me on to some very tasty, seasonal beer from Lagunitas..Brown Shugga.

everyone should go buy some right now before there's no more left! plus, unlike other beers this one has an alcohol content of 9.5% by volume! woohoo
it finally snowed in eugene! YAY! *runs outside to play*
I bought this the other day...

Awesome. Best $6 i ever spent...

well it happened. classes started and 4 weeks later i am totally sick. i am getting so annoyed with the bacteria-ridden cesspools that are college campuses...i am also annoyed that now i have no choice but to join the ranks of the mouth-breathers because i'm too stuffed up to breathe properly. bluuuugh.... *crawls under a blanket with some nyquil*
Check out the pre-class e-mail my spanish professor sent everyone over the weekend:

Hello to all of you enrolled in the DON QUIJOTE class this coming
term. I am sending this message to each of you separately.

I am just writing to welcome you to the class and to tell you
that I am looking forward to having you there. I always get excited
when the time comes close for the course to begin. This is an amazing
book and it is great to work with it every time. I have taught the
class since the early 1980s - often several times a year - and there
has never been a time when I did not love it. This is an
extraordinarily important book. I will tell you about its importance
on the first day of class, but just to give you an idea now, let me
just say that in 2004 in Oslo (Norway) they asked the people they
considered to be the 100 top writers of the world to select the book
that they felt was the most meaningful in the history of humanity.
They chose DON QUIJOTE. I am telling you this now because it is
important to me that you all start anticipating reading this book
with excitement because that is the way it should be read. It is a
funny book with great depth that was written to be enjoyed.

I'm really excited because i really do love Don Quijote...pero pienso que este trimestre será muy intenso.

Aug. 20th, 2008

I LOVE having a clean apartment...it just puts me at ease and makes me feel calm. Granted, so far i've only really cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom but those are also the worst two rooms to clean. I swept all the sweepable areas and mopped so hard my back is actually a little sore today. I also got all the cobwebs down, vacuumed up all the dead ants under said cobwebs and vacuumed up a good number of spiders who had taken up residence in my corners and shadowy areas. I hope they actually die from suffocation or something when they're in there...otherwise they might all be hatching some horrible escape plan. One day i'll be sitting all pleased in my clean apartment and out will burst a gang of spiders, swords drawn, ready for revenge.

aw sheeeit

every year i look forward to the annual family camping trip to Horsfall because it is not only incredibly fun but it gives me a few days to relax and live off of my parents for a while because they always pack way too much food. this year, however, i am even MORE excited because my dad bought me one of these...

oh yes...a new 2006 Honda 300EX Sportrax with electric start and manual transmission. this bike makes me so happy i just don't know what to do with myself. it's only the beginning of August and i can't wait for September already. technically it was probably bought with the family in mind and my dad rarely needs encouragement to spend money on new toys...but regardless i am stoked! *insert ecstatically happy noises*